David Fickling

As the Solomon Islands’ police commissioner, William Morell has had to deal with attacks on ministers, the beheading of a missionary, and a brutal insurrection by a half-mad rebel warlord.

Cops? We are the cops

The America's Cup is yachting's most glamorous event. But this time round it will be sailed against a backdrop of treachery, violent threats, and one very angry nation.

Storm warning

The governor of Florida would consider going to court to guarantee his right to permit offshore oil exploration around Florida’s coasts.

The stolen ones

Settled into an armchair with his back to Auckland's Hobson Bay, Edmund Hillary is still recognisable as the lanky beekeeper who climbed Everest with Tenzing Norgay in May 1953.

‘We knocked the bastard off’

You expect to find Joe Dolce, the singer of the best-forgotten hit Shaddap You Face, sat in front of an outsized plate of pasta getting slowly drunk on the last dregs of his pop wealth.

Is there life after Shaddap you Face?

‘Open Water’ has opened up raw memories in Queensland’s diving industry, and among the families of those whose deaths inspired the film.

The cruel sea

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