Major stories

David Fickling

When Australian surfers first came to Bali in the mid-70s, Jalan Legian - where Saturday night's bomb attack took place - was just a bike track through paddy fields.

The island that seemed a safe haven

Australian Prime Minister John Howard won his fourth consecutive election last night, increasing his majority in a contest that was on a knife edge until the last minute.

Howard makes it four in a row

Australia's capital was counting the cost of the worst firestorm in its history yesterday as forest fires retreated leaving behind nearly 400 destroyed houses and four dead.

Bush fires worst in Canberra’s history

Three government inquiries were launched yesterday into riots in Sydney's Aboriginal suburb of Redfern which left dozens injured.

Inquiries begin into boy’s death and riots

Australian governor general Peter Hollingworth stepped down last night following three weeks of calls for his resignation.

Governor general steps down

On a short concrete jetty in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, a dozen judges and court officials took their first steps on Pitcairn Island yesterday.

Judges arrive on Pitcairn as abuse trials loom

Six descendants of the original mutineers on the Bounty were found guilty yesterday of 32 sexual assault offences in one of the last and remotest outposts of the British empire.

Six found guilty in Pitcairn sex offences trial

Joanne Lees made plans to meet her lover after the death of her boyfriend, Peter Falconio, an Australian court was told yesterday.

Lees admits to secret liaison

Pauline Hanson, the founder of Australia's xenophobic One Nation party, who was once seen as a potential prime minister, was sent to prison for fraud yesterday.

Australian icon of far right jailed for fraud

Israel's air and sea blockade of Lebanon was lifted today as UN and Whitehall officials discussed sending British ships and jets to patrol the region in the wake of the country's recent war.

Lebanon blockade lifted