David Fickling

Water bills in the UK will drop by an average of 4 per cent, by 2014, under a five-year pricing plan by Ofwat, the regulator, that will heavily curtail water companies’ investment programmes.

Water bill cuts put customers first

“I would love quantitative easing to mean printing more bank notes,” says James Hussey, chief executive of security printer De La Rue.

De La Rue banks on cash

Climate change presents a challenge as great as the industrial revolution, according to the head of Europe’s biggest engineering consultant.

Climate change ‘like industrial revolution’

Berkeley has started buying land in prime areas it has shied away from since the 1990s, as falling prices open up sites previously considered uneconomic to develop.

Berkeley buys prime London area sites

News Corp is facing a backlash by Australian investors against the company's planned move to the US state of Delaware.

News Corp falls on way to Delaware

Rupert Murdoch is normally courteous to his shareholders, but they were reminded of their irrelevance at yesterday's last News Corp annual meeting to be held in Adelaide.

Murdoch gets emotional as he moves out

Wolseley’s spun-off US building materials arm, Stock, plans to close almost half of its outlets and will be loss-making until 2013 even if it doubles its revenues during the period.

Wolseley’s spun-off US arm to axe outlets

The market for government outsourcing could be more hazard-prone than many companies in the sector realise, according to the chief executive of VT Group.

VT Group reflects national dilemmas

When Nick Buckles, G4S chief executive, visited the company’s Afghan base recently he was more glad than alarmed to find that as many as one in five people on site were not employees.

G4S moves beyond private security clichés

The value of new construction contracts is set to fall at the fastest rate since the early 1990s this year as builders compete for a dwindling pool of tenders.

Building contract prices drop