David Fickling

Whereas Australia ranks between Sweden and Iceland as ninth in the world for life expectancy, indigenous Australians come between the Cambodians and Sudanese at 178th.

Shanty town in the shadow of a gold mine

The base of Port Moresby's Bomai gang can be found up a dark sidestreet in the suburb of Four Mile. At the entrance to their squatter settlement a man is on guard, armed with a walkie-talkie.

Raskol gangs rule world’s worst city

The credit crunch has thrown a spoke in the wheels of bicycle couriers, who are suffering as the economic downturn cuts the movement of goods and documents round city centres.

Cycle couriers saddled with drop in custom

Moves to give more independence to one of the world's smallest and last remaining colonies are being held up by opposition from an unexpected quarter - the population of the country itself.

Tokelau puts welfare before independence

“Everyone just thinks: 'Not in my backyard,’” says Bev Bagley, 57, “but if you've got to put it somewhere, this is a great backyard for it.”

Nuclear dump welcomed by neighbours

Locals in northern New South Wales have a term for what happens when a new series of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! starts: Motel Lotto.

I’m a local, just give me the money...

Travellers know they are approaching Wittenoom from the health warnings posted every few miles along the roadside. By law, tourist maps must warn you away from the town before you reach it.

Blue plague stalks town on death row

The Blackshirts are former husbands aggrieved by their treatment at the hands of their ex-wives and the courts, who regard themselves as the vanguard of a "men's rights" movement in Australia.

Cuckolds take their rage to the streets

Aboriginal and Melanesian people in Townsville claim to have been harassed by the police, refused housing and jobs, turned away from pubs, and subjected to verbal and physical attacks.

Race hatred polarizes Australian town

After three days of searching for Louise Saunders in northern Queensland, the last thing anyone expected was for her to walk out of the forest at a rubbish dump, bruised and hungry, but unharmed.

Gum and bananas: how Louise survived