David Fickling

There is something false about the apocalyptic tone in which water is discussed in Australia. And while householders are getting out their ration cards, farmers are sitting down to a banquet.

Plunder down under

US trade negotiators are using the Australia’s public medicine supply scheme for target practice.

War on cheap drugs

Britain prides itself on the robustness of its parliamentary debates, but on a good day Canberra still trounces Westminster where no-holds-barred political scrapping is concerned.

Squabbles over etiquette veil deep divisions

The situation seems oddly familiar: a Middle Eastern nation sets up its own nuclear power programme. The international community suspects it is a cover for nuclear weapons development.

Nuclear deja vu

While Britain and America have been engaging in bouts of soul-searching about the rush into the Iraq war, Australia has been slow to get its inquest off the ground.

Opinion polls allow Howard to walk on water

Whatever faith you have in Australian troops, they can't be playing any role in Iraq which the US couldn't perform without them. So what on earth are they doing there?

National insurance

The source of Nauru's now-vanished wealth is, in the context of current events, so outrageously symbolic that it would take a bold journalist not to bring it up.

The waste land

The spectacle of the powerful picking on the weak passes as bullying in the average playground. International politics, however, has a better name for it: diplomacy.

Drawing a line on the Timor Gap

The arrival of low-cost airlines in the Pacific could be a dangerous bargain for some island countries.

Flights of fancy

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